Grades And Training

The Bujinkan Gin Yanagi Dojo is based in the Southwest of England and is open for training in three different locations:

FENITON DOJO – Youth Centre, Elizabeth II Park, Coventry Close, Feniton, Honiton EX14 3DP. Telephone Jonathan Lees on 07879 412 626

Hattori: (children’s class) Tuesday 6pm – 7pm. £2.50

Main Adult Class: Tuesday 7pm – 9:30pm. £5.00

HONITON DOJO – Honiton Sports Centre.
Telephone Jonathan Lees on 07879 412 626

Main Adult Class: Thursday 8pm – 10:00pm. £5.00

EXMOUTH DOJO – Marpool Primary School, Moorfield Rd, Exmouth, Devon, EX8 3QW. Telephone Simon Tully on 01395 263 961

Hattori: (children’s class) Monday 3.15pm – 4.30pm. £3.00 (New Saturday class begins in the New Year)

CHILCOMPTON DOJO – Village Hall, Wells Road, Chilcompton, North Radstock. BA3 4JL. Telephone Gary Egerton on 07792 085 455

Main Adult Class: Monday 7pm – 9.30pm. £5.00



The cost for training is £5. Cost of training is kept to a minimum, as the dojo is not open for financial gain. This fee goes towards training equipment for the dojo and its members.

When you grade there will be additional costs:

Bujinkan membership (paid annually): 3000 yen
Kyu grade patch (lasts until shodan): 2000 yen
Ku Kyu Menkyo (authentic certificate): 3000 yen
Gi, Tabi boots, socks and belt: £40 approximately

Please note: these membership and clothing fees only need to be paid if you wish to grade in Budo Taijutsu.


Beginners start with a white belt as do other martial arts.

When you grade for the first time you will earn a green belt and the rank of 9th Kyu. The green belt stays with you as you progress through the Kyu grades, from 9th Kyu up to 1st Kyu.

This is followed by a black belt at Shodan level, 1st Dan.

The maximum level you can reach in Budo Taijutsu is 15th Dan.

If you have any questions regarding costs or training you can contact the budoschool